Wood fibers and resin are warmth compressed into sheets to make what’s called MDF, or medium-density fiberboard. Similar to particleboard, dense MDF panels are the most affordable alternative to solid wood sheets for many types of construction. Home Restoration Services, Inc.. The top of this laundry sorter is made of MDF. MDF is usually less … Continue reading MDF

Cross-Hipped Roof

A cross-hipped roof is a popular variation of a hip roof, which gently slopes on all four sides. To get a cross, both hip roofs have been laid out in an “L,” installed perpendicular to each other. These roofs are great for areas with strong winds and provide shade under the eaves all the way … Continue reading Cross-Hipped Roof

Jerkinhead Roof

A jerkinhead roof is really a gable roof on which the peaks of the gable ends are clipped off with everything looks like a hip roof. The best thing about this style is that the clipping streamlines the peak of the gable roof, which can otherwise be tremendously stressed in close, thus reducing the possible … Continue reading Jerkinhead Roof