Cowboy Lodge at Oregon

Part working ranch, part rustic hunting lodge, the True residence embodies the fantasy of a cowboy who wanted to retire at the West’s woodsy, rural environs. “Johnny True is living the American dream as a cattle rancher,” says designer Eric Schnell. Originally from South Dakota, True’s descendants migrated to Oregon as farmers having very little … Continue reading Cowboy Lodge at Oregon

Suggestions to Renovate Tiny Kitchens

Some large luxury kitchens that contain commercial-style, six-burner cooktops and three-quarter dual ovens are like picture collections –they seem excellent, but seldom get used for more than microwaving popcorn. Smaller kitchens can be excellent for authentic cooks; streamlined workspaces may be efficient as well as appealing. Careful planning is critical in tiny workspaces, so spend … Continue reading Suggestions to Renovate Tiny Kitchens